A Realization of Biblical Proportions


by John Means

Our world is in danger.

And while most people cognitively recognize this, the source of the problem is not always obvious. We can spend our days talking about corrupt politicians and bankers, sinister schemes and grand conspiracies, even blame ourselves for lethargy, yet the fact still remains that something is very wrong in our World that is left unspoken.

There is so much hate on our planet, and if you examine the individual grudges people bear you will find most of it is fueled by a supposed moral or spiritual high ground. But there is no morality in hate, and no spirituality in grudges.

Perhaps a more pointed indicator is the manner societies accept and even embrace such sordid, dishonest, aggressive and downright petty actions from the ruling class. A dozen quotes denoting inaction as being evil come to mind, but I’ll not cheapen them any further with lip service here. It seems talk isn’t just cheap these days; the Market on it has crashed.

So no more cheap talk, here is the elephant in the room…..

The Abrahamic Religions are destroying our world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about Muslims, Christians or Jews, they are ALL guilty of atrocities and machinations that lay far outside acceptable social behavior to say the least. I need not even list them as I am sure there are already several prime examples running through your thoughts. But these aren’t instances of a few bad apples spoiling the bunch, rather they are a few more drops of poison in the well and it is making the whole world ill.

Much like our defunct political parties, we no longer have the luxury of considering these Religions as separate entities and indeed they never truly have been. Whatever differences they have, still they all account the same bloody and merciless history as their own, justifying slaughter, slavery, theft and more as a divine right granted by the same God who demanded Abraham sacrifice his son and destroyed the happy life of Job to prove the measure of their faith.

There are many who say they just follow the core beliefs of their Religion and don’t really get into the details, but even this half-assed form of zealotry only enables and compounds the grief we are caused by religious doctrine. You may not be killing in your god’s name, but rest assured other people are.

The point of this is not to bash religion; there are many good people in congregations all over the world, no matter what faith they follow, but do they really need to sample the obscure and misused tenants of any Religious Doctrine to be good people? Of course not! In fact you can generally count on people to be good and do the right thing no matter their faith.

The same cannot be said for world leaders though, nor the leaders among religious communities. People so heavily invested into the principle they espouse that they are willing to sink to unthinkable levels to achieve their ends and use all their power to cover up their dark secrets.

Listen, if you are aware of the corruption in Government and Industry, yet ignoring the machinations of religion then you are not being honest with yourself. You don’t agree with child molestation, you wouldn’t bomb innocent people, you would never use your wealth to manipulate and impoverish others; yet by aligning with the Abrahamic Faiths people are supporting those crimes and worse, and not just today, but stretching back through Six Thousand Years of fire, blood and misery.

A new understanding must be reached by those seeking peace, prosperity and freedom. It is time to recognize the simple truth that most of us are living under the mythology of the societies that have come to dominate our political world. Simply spoken, if Vikings had a stranglehold on world finance and industry most of western civilization would be worshiping Odin today.

We don’t need a rule book or mysticism to be kind and civilized to each other, and obviously those ideologies are ignored and misused regularly by persons who should be more accountable for their actions, not less.

I would beg you all too just let it go, for the sake of our world, but that is not enough in itself. Those of us who recognize this intense corruption and manipulation of our society can no longer afford to be silent. We must speak out now against the disingenuous and manipulative nature of the Abrhamic Religions and stop allowing their beliefs, superstitions and justifications to ravage our planet.

I do not advocate being cruel or hurtful to people of these faiths, but we must now send a very clear message that their Cults should no longer have a part in shaping our societies. It has gone on too long.

Spirituality is a private and intimate topic, and people should be encouraged to keep it in their private lives much as they would not talk about sex or discipline their children in a public place.

I once saw a sign that sums up my feelings on the topic, it said…

‘Having a Religion is like having a Penis; I understand you are proud of it, but when you start waving it in my face then we have a problem.’