Anti-Partisan Voting Strategies


by John Means

We all know the game is rigged.

The degree of manipulation by systems like the Electoral College and Gerrymandering is bad enough without even considering the blatant Voting Fraud taking place in a dozen ways from Deceased Voters to Diebold Voting Machines.

But no matter how controlled and corrupt the Voting System is, it is still reliant on a Majority of Voters taking part in the Election Process, and aligning with the Prevalent Partisan Politics.

Many people out there are promoting the idea that Refusing to Vote will somehow address this problem, but in truth such Silent Activism only gets lost in the wash of apathy which has already allowed The Party to sell our Government to Corporate and Banking Interests. We MUST Vote if we are going to effect Peaceful Political Reform in America; but those Votes will only amount to anything if they refuse to align with the Lesser Evil Paradigm of Voting.

The most important concept to keep in mind is that we will never effect reform by who we Vote for; rather, it is who we DON”T Vote for that can make the biggest difference. Any effective Voting Strategy from here must begin with the commitment to never again Vote for a member of the Democratic-Republican Party for any reason, PERIOD!

Never… Again…!

From that point it’s important to understand that this System of Voting is designed to work a specific way, and the only way Voters can really effect Politics, particularly on a National Level, is to use the The Party’s System against it. By changing Voting Trends and making Public Examples, we can force The Party to expose its collusion in full.

First thing to keep in mind is that the Voting System in America is entirely in favor of the Democratic-Republican Party, and they only put forth a few serious contenders, and then some Debate Dummies to offer the Illusion of choice. That being the case, if there is a Third Party/Non-Partisan Candidate we really want to get Elected, then the best chance Voters can give them is by Registering in the Primaries, and Voting for the dumbest bastards The Party has on the Platform.

If the 2008 Election had been between Herman Caine and Joe Biden, there is a very good chance that Ron Paul would be our President right now. I won’t pretend that he could have accomplished a great deal considering the usual suspects in the House and Senate, but the statement of rejecting The Party alone could have been a catalyst for Moderate Political Reform in America.

So, simply stated, Anti-Partisans need to Register as Democratic-Republicans in the Primary Election, and try to get their weakest Candidates the Nomination. Personally, I feel like this is particularly important given the recent trend of seemingly ‘Good Candidates’ switching to D/R Tickets in an effort to gain the Popular Vote; this truly only plays into The Party’s paradigm of Divisional Politics.

For many people who do not Vote (and who push the ‘Don’t Vote’ Agenda) there are simply no acceptable Candidates, and actually having a sense of self respect, they simply abstain from taking part in the Popularity Contest. This is exactly the sense of futility that drives the Partisan System by creating a defiant sort of apathy among the Silent Masses. We must stop standing aside.

We need a new way for our voices to be heard, and the simplest way to do this is to consistently Write In a Statement of Disapproval for the inadequacy of the Candidates available. Now, I understand this doesn’t work for everyone as Voting Formats vary, but for every Election, Local and National Level, Voters should make our defiance known by Writing In ‘NO CONFIDENCE’ whenever possible. This is the clearest and most telling message we can send our Government, and while it may be ignored at first, once Millions of us begin Voting ‘NO CONFIDENCE’ in every Election, it can’t be ignored for long.

Again; Vote ‘NO CONFIDENCE’ in every Election possible that has No Suitable Candidates.

I want to tell a short historical story as to how this could change the entire Voting System, much as people once caused the creation of Jury Nullification.
In 15TH Century Scotland (if memory serves) Trial by Jury was already in practice, but the Verdict handed down was ‘Proven’ or ‘Not Proven’, which would seem to make sense as the question was whether or not a person had broken the Law.

At a certain point though the Laws were so numerous and harshly punished that the Jurors found a way to resist from within; they began handing down the Verdict ‘Not Guilty’ in Trials that were oppressive and unjust, vindicating Citizens who did not deserve to be punished for trivial crimes.
Thus the entire Justice System was effected for all time, and this type of Jury Nullification is still available to us today.

By Voting ‘NO CONFIDENCE’ in a consistent and widespread manner, it could actually force The Party, and all World Government, to adopt New Standards that allow us to Legally Reject the flawed and ineffectual Voting System in America today.

That’s worth thinking about for a bit.

We all have an Idealistic View of Politics, but if it is only a reason to separate us from other Human Beings, then that Ideology is no more effective that the Partisanship that has consumed Dozens of Empires throughout History. It’s time to put aside our differences and seek a Common Platform of Values from which to take back this Government from the Corporations and Banking Interests that now own it.

Many people will read these concepts and scoff at them, saying these are stupid ideas, that I am every Ad Homonym in the book, and all it can do is cause so-and-so scoundrel to be Elected. There will be countless arguments to oppose these ideas, and many will face a massive internal struggle trying to follow these simple strategies that can change the world.

Ignore those voices, and listen to the one inside of you. Don’t follow these Anti-Partisan Voting Strategies because you are counting on others to do the same. Don’t expect them to work immediately and produce Good Candidates. Don’t do it because you want to be in on the next Political Band Wagon.

Follow these Voting Strategies because you know they feel right for you, and you don’t give a damn what other people think about it.

Follow these Voting Strategies because it is the only Honest way to confront a Dishonest System.