Christopher Jordan Dorner: Manifesto, Manhunt and Execution


Re-Posted from Feb. 2013

By John Means

We here at No Party do not often glorify with publication the actions of Mad Men and Criminals, but given the social implications and impacts of the events leading up to the manhunt, the response of Corporate Media and Law Enforcement, and the resulting execution, we feel it is appropriate to take a closer look at the declarations of Christopher Jordan Dorner, and the final moments of his life. Let it be spoken clearly up front that No Party System denounces Mr. Dorner’s actions, should they ever be proven,  as that of a cowardly criminal, disenchanted with the empirical establishment he chose to support, indoctrinated in to a life of Militant Authoritarian Violence, and seeking infamy as his only recourse to the betrayal of his warped idealistic vision of self worth.

It seems quite rare that such a clear manifesto is publicized in this type of homicidal rampage, which in itself has opened the doors to much speculation. How long was this guy planning his revenge? Who knew that he was unstable? Did he talk to friends and family about this? Where were they? It seems difficult to believe that there would ZERO warning signs of this type of behavior.

On the other hand, apathy runs deep in America these days, so maybe the truth is that nobody cared enough to notice.

Here are some of the many anomalies that I have noted, and I hope you will forgive the occasional personal opinion.

The Manifesto:

Where to begin?! At the beginning of course…

Christopher Jordan Dorner was betrayed by his Fraternal Order at the LAPD. Period!

I’ll not attack Police in general as we all know there are a lot of good cops, but somewhere between Rodney King and the Rampart Scandal I think we figured out how the LAPD operates. Dorner had every right to be upset and feel betrayed at what happened to him, but he was a fool if he didn’t see it coming a mile away, and truthfully he was fortunate not to have been executed last year to cover the asses of a few supremely corrupt individuals. Indeed, I’ll wager those very individuals regret not murdering him at a time when it could have been done very quietly and with little blowback.

A Gunman who supports Gun Control? This seems quite baffling to say the least. I’ll not dwell on this subject as everyone has their own opinion, but I must note that as a Military Serviceman and Police Officer he would likely have been exempt from the restrictions he claimed to support. A psychotic individual with sniper rifles and silencers sounds scary; a psychotic individual with expert marksmanship training, advanced hand to hand combat training, familiarity with police and military tactics, survival experience and a two ton chip on their shoulder sounds like a force to be reckoned with. Clearly Gun Registration and Assault Weapon Bans would have done nothing to prevent this situation as even the staunchest Gun Control advocate would likely not have objected to this man owning such weapons just weeks ago.

To kill the family of a man you hate, rather than the man himself, is among the most despicable acts imaginable; perhaps child molestation, rape and treason are the only acts on a similar level of depravity. To even be able to commit such an idea to a printed declaration should be a clear sign to an individual with ANY morality that they have lost touch with reality. When considering an individual with Mr. Dorner’s background, and the fact that he clearly had a functioning moral compass at one time, it seems there are only three manners in which such a sociopathic state could come to be; 1) Severe Clinical Depression. 2) Drug Induced Dementia. 3) Hypnotic Suggestion/NLP. Any one alone might be enough; all three combined would be a conspiracy theorists wet dream.

Dorner himself indicated that he experienced Severe Depression, and wanted his brain examined post-mortem to study the effect, even identifying previous CAT Scans he had been given in the past for reference. Was his Depression Clinical? Was he seeing a Psychologist? Was he taking Medication? Had he stopped taking it? These seem like pretty important questions, and quite relative to any warning signs that might have been acted on to prevent this event. In light of the profusion of Murder/Suicide scenarios the last few decades the public needs to be made aware of these facts and the plain truth is that the Pharmaceutical Corporations whose commercials we see between News Reports, and their WHORES in The House and Senate, will cover up that information at all cost.


And who answered Dorner’s ‘Cry for Help’? What cry for help, you ask? The man clearly named a slew of people who he held in high regard. How many of them tried deliver a personal plea to Mr. Dorner to end his rampage?

Did Vice President Joe Biden issue a statement asking Mr. Dorner to turn himself in peacefully? Nope.

Did Sen. Diane Feinstein appear on television and promise Mr. Dorner a fair trial and a personal inquiry into LAPD Corruption? Negative!

Any of the Musicians, Directors, Politicians, Public Figures…. Shit, even his friends and family? Did anyone care at all to try and diffuse this situation?

Only ONE! Charlie Sheen.

That’s right, the drug using, porn star living with, say whatever the hell he wants, conspiracy theorist nut ball, ‘don’t let your kid be like this’ guy was the only individual who made a personal plea to Mr. Dorner.

Let me say it a bit more plainly folks; Charlie Sheen has more integrity, compassion and honor than the Vice President of our Nation or the Senator of my State. Welcome to America!

Thank you Mr. Sheen, you are a good man and I would love to party with you some day. Keep being real!

Of the many people Mr. Dorner named as idols and peers, one in particular stands out for displaying a despicable degree of apathy and callousness; La Palma Police Chief Eric Nunez. Having a personal and professional relationship stretching back more than a decade, Chief Nunez was the only person with the authority and respect to appeal to Dorner and aid him, both before and after the farce of a hearing which led to the murderous spree. Mr. Dorner even delivered personally a letter and video to the La Palma Police Department just days before the event, and when confronted Chief Nunez insisted that he had no indicator of the ensuing rampage, and seemed most interested in distancing himself from Dorner rather than plea for him to surrender. He also indicated that he had made no effort to contact Dorner, and while he released a typed letter supposedly from the disgruntled Ex-Cop, he said nothing to indicate the content of the video or its relevance to the case. What was on that Video?

Get ready for some more opinion! I hope Police Chief Eric Nunez lives a long and healthy life so that he has as many days as possible to experience the disgrace, dishonor and self loathing that must accompany, and gnaw at ones very soul for such a pathetic display of mentoring and camaraderie.

If Mr. Dorner’s manifesto could be said to contain an important message or warning to our society, it is this; NOBODY GIVES A FUCK!

The Manhunt:

What an exciting little preview of War in America we received in this very well televised manhunt and execution. A truck with two innocent women riddled with Fifty Bullet Holes and neighbors pulling slugs out of their front porch. Check points on the roads and house to house searches in the middle of the night. Misinformation and fear mongering spread thick and liberally over the public while covert actions are being planned. A residence burned down without any attempt to seek a peaceful resolution to the situation in order to execute a single individual.

Oh yes, it’s coming my friends.

Pages could be written on the Mafia like response of Police, as well as the Quasi-Military equipment and tactics and the complete disregard of public safety and legal procedure. This debacle exemplified every single thing that is wrong with Justice in America, and highlights just how desperately we need a mechanism to address the epidemic of Authoritarian Abuse in our Nation. FACT: The vast majority of our population is more frightened by Police Officers than they are by criminals or terrorists. We should consider this an Indicator.

The Police had no intention whatsoever of bringing Mr. Dorner in alive, under any circumstances, and there is not a single person I know with any delusions to the fact. This was not a Manhunt, but rather a Witch-hunt, and could not have been exemplified any better had the ritual burning had taken place on a Stake. Nothing but blood would satisfy the police, and while they speak the proper forms of legality and damage control it is easy to see their thinly veiled contempt for the public and their aching desire to proudly brag about their abusive and violent behavior, and to intimidate anyone who would show the slightest bit of backbone.

If anyone really cared to address ‘Bullying’ in America it would have to start with the Metropolitan Police Forces of L.A., Chicago and New York as these seem to be the greatest Asshole Magnets on the planet.

The Corporate media’s reaction has been quite telling as well, and while the coverage was massive it seemed to be missing the circus parade of victims, witnesses, friends and family, expert commentators, psychological analysts, gun control zealots, bleeding heart liberals and concerned conservatives. Where did they all go?

It seems it’s quite difficult to spin a story that is about a distinguished Serviceman who has been thrown under the bus by his fellow officers, loses his sanity and kills the child of the corrupt officer who represented him, slays several former compatriots, and declares his support for Gun Control, The President, Vice President and Senate. Had Mr. Dorner denounced the U.S. Government and declared support for the 2nd Amendment Corporate Media would have displayed a veritable orgy of ‘Domestic Terrorist’ speculation before the first body had cooled. As it was they seemed quite confused when forced to do a thing unheard of for four decades or more in America; report the facts. For once the misinformation seemed to come entirely from the Police, who reportedly found Dorner’s wallet twice; once by the U.S. Border near San Ysidro, and again in the burned down cabin with the body they were unsure belonged to Christopher Dorner. Nothing to see here, just move along folks.

And then there’s the Drones… yep, its coming.

The Execution:

Can it be called anything else? Do you honestly believe the Police would have brought him in alive if he surrendered? Really? After seeing them shoot up two vehicles without visually verifying the passengers?

What happened to, “Hold your positions; we’re calling in a Negotiator”? Just a stray thought.

Well, if you really want to know how this went down, let me explain a few things to you. Christopher Dorner was not marked for execution because of the threats he made and the murders he committed; he sealed his fate when he crossed the ‘Blue Line’ and publically named and denounced specific Officers and specific events. Had he not killed anyone nor made any threats, he still would have been marked for death. Once Dorner made his threats and committed murder though, it was possible to carry out his execution in full public view with no need for any further justification or even a reasonable explanation. Dorner knew this before he started he rampage.

Spoken plainly; had there been hundreds of people present, cameras filming up close, and Dorner had walked out of that cabin with his hands held high, begging to surrender, and even had there been groups of laughing children prancing around him and strewing flower petals about… He still would have been shot on sight.

In fact he was, though you will never hear the story told.

I would urge anyone who cares about the truth to listen to the recordings of Radio Traffic that day, and as you consider the planned and coordinated assault being described in detail, DO NOT FOCUS ON THE FIRE. Yes, the big debate in the Media is whether or not they set the fire on purpose, and that is exactly what the public is intended to focus on. After you have listened, what I am about to explain makes a lot more sense.

Occam’s Razor: Among competing hypotheses, the one that makes the fewest assumptions should be selected.

While listening to the recording you will note many peculiarities, and NOT among them are the very clear orders to light the cabin on fire.

  1. As they tear down the walls of the cabin an Officer very clearly remarks a blood splatter on the wall.
  2. Another Officer, after a pause to formulate his words, instructs the first to carry out ‘The Plan’ and ‘Go ahead with the Burn, like we talked about’.
  3. A Third Officer calmly notes a single Gunshot, which is confirmed by several other people in a very calm and unconcerned manner.
  4. As the fire spreads an Officer relates that there is ammunition going off, not Gunfire, but ammunition popping as it is ignited by the fire.

How would they know it was not Gunfire? Why wouldn’t they call out warnings and tell Officers to take cover?

Stay with me….

  1. There was a Blood Splatter on the wall because Mr. Dorner had already been shot.
  2. ‘The Plan’ was to burn the house down so that the details of Dorner’s death would be murky and easily diverted.
  3. The single gunshot seems to imply that Dorner killed himself, though there was no way to confirm the fact.
  4. The officers knew that it was burning ammunition, and not gunshots, because Dorner was already dead.

Yes, there had already been a huge gunfight and he had shot more officers, I understand this. He did not give them the opportunity to capture him, he knew there was no way he left that place alive, period. But burning down a private residence to kill a single man? That seems like a story from the Inquisitions.

It’s quite easy to say that he gave them no choice, but once he was cornered time was on the side of the law. They could have simply sat down and starved him out, waiting until he could be talked out, surrender, or take his own life. Instead Law Enforcement launched an aggressive and punitive assault on his fortified position, costing the life of another officer, in order to carry out his execution as quickly as possible. There was never any other intent for the Law Enforcement on the scene.

It didn’t matter whose property Police needed to burn down, how many vehicles they shot up, how many innocent people were injured, or who got in the way. The only thing Law Enforcement cared about was killing Christopher Dorner.

If only we still had Peace Keepers and not just Law Enforcers.

Moving On:

The events surrounding Christopher Dorner mark a change in America; an acceleration of hostilities that will pit ‘The People’ against ‘The System’ and lead us ever closer to open Warfare in America. The average person, even if they are not completely invested and indoctrinated into ‘The Party’, has no true idea how quickly matters are escalating. They may hear about the occasional Abuse by Police Officers and even feel a sense of dread when confronted by a cop, but unless a person is actively seeking information on Authoritarian Abuse they cannot truly understand the depth of Corruption we are faced with. The internet is full of videos exemplifying Police Brutality, and the occasional beating on the side of the road does not even come close to the worst. There are dozens of Executions on Film; instances of police shooting unarmed and even cuffed individuals in the back while they are on the ground, and the Officers are almost universal exonerated of the cold blooded murder they commit.


This is only the instances that are filmed. How often do things like this happen when nobody is looking?

Here is a little experiment you can try at home. Pick your favorite search engine, type in the word ‘Police’ followed by any crime you can think of; rape, murder, theft, bribery, extortion, home invasion, you name it. You will be rewarded with more examples of corruption than you can really imagine; thousands upon thousands of well documented instances that have received only a passing interest from Corporate Media.

People are reaching a breaking point, and soon private citizens will take justice into their own hands.

How will Media and Law Enforcement respond when a group of cops beating a citizen into submission on the sidewalk are gunned down by angry bystanders?

Unless we unite peacefully and demand Accountability from our Civic Leaders, we are going to find out.