Gun Regulation: the Gospel Truth


By John Means

Please, don’t shoot the messenger, but I have the unfortunate duty of informing you that more Gun Regulation is coming, whether you like it or not.

Let me say at the outset that I believe in the Right of the People to Own and Bear Arms, and I believe that Citizens should be able to privately own ANY Weapon that their Government owns, short of WMD’s (which Governments shouldn’t have either!)

But this issue isn’t about how I feel, nor about the Second Amendment, nor even about any thing that makes sense in any realm of Reality. This issue is about what Government and Media can convince people to believe, and make no mistake my friends, people are being convinced daily, against all reason, that Guns are more danger than good to our Society.

Not a real hard thing to convince people of since Guns are in fact dangerous in the hands of people who are inexperienced or have ill intent. Most people can see the simplistic logic of the Lowest Common Denominator, and when it is rubbed in their face daily that every time there is a shooting a gun is involved, it’s pretty easy to convince them that getting rid of the guns is the simplest solution.

Listen, I am fully aware that there are real Gun Grabbers out there who want to take away our Right to defend ourselves from the rising Despotism in the World. And right now those people are winning by putting forth a Media Campaign that borders on Mind Control of the American People. They are not winning because they are right or have good intentions; they’re winning because they have created a divide of Public Opinion that instantly presents people with only two platforms from which to argue. It is the same dichotomy of partisan politics that been exploited to drive this Nation into the ground with 100+ years of miserably failed Foreign and Domestic Policies.

The result is that as a Pro Gun Advocate leans more toward regulation due to Social Trends and Personal Influences, that their shifting views can land them only in one of two Totalitarian Camps that will gain influence with their support. At best they will find themselves sitting on the fence and a focus of anger for people on both sides. It is a Lose/Lose situation in the making for us all.

Background checks have been in place for more than two decades and actually have done a lot of good keeping Legal Guns our of the hands of bad guys, mostly because they know they cannot buy a Legal Gun so they don’t even try. It has not been effective as a Preemptive measure to prevent random acts of violence by undiagnosed psychopaths, but those types have never been reliant on only Guns to carry out their sick intentions.

While the Background Check System seems like it could benefit from better intercommunication between Government Departments, that is not truly the focus of the current narrative. Right now people are trying to define the Conditions of Denying Firearm Ownership to a Citizen, and you better believe they are gonna come up with a list of them. That is a scary proposition!

But is additional Gun Regulation reasonable at this point? Is the advancement of technology a factor that needs to be taken into consideration these days? Can we find a way to Regulate Gun Ownership in a manner that preserves our Second Amendment Rights and offers a greater degree of Safety to our Society? I believe the answer is ‘Yes’ to all of those questions.

I think the first and most important problem that we need to recognize is that people are not proficient with Firearms these days. Surely not as widely as in centuries past when every young lad might be tasked with guarding the flock or hunting for dinner. Guns are just not the fact of life for most people that they once were, and their use is not a common part of the skill set of the average person.

While there are numerous indicators of this problem, (the little girl who shot her Instructor in the head with an Uzi comes to mind) one of the best examples is these deranged individuals who go out on killing sprees. These people are extremely non-proficient with Firearms and probably couldn’t even qualify with those weapons on a Shooting Course.

Cause let me ask you this, folks; if a U.S. Marine, Army Ranger or Navy Seal had walked into that Club in Florida intent on killing, with the weaponry that psycho had….? Yeah, the Death count would have been Total!

You wouldn’t put a 16 year old who just got their Driving License behind the wheel of a Big Rig. You wouldn’t expect a Pilot who had only ever flown a Cesna 150 to fly a Commercial Airliner. You wouldn’t expect a Juggler who only used Tennis Balls to start juggling knives and chainsaws.

Is it anymore reasonable for somebody who has never shot a firearm in their life to start out with a Barret .50 cal. or a Modified .223? Hell No! There gonna hurt themselves or somebody else even if they have no ill intent.

I’ll say it again; I BELIEVE A CITEZEN SHOULD BE ABLE TO OWN ANY WEAPON THEIR GOVERNMENT CAN OWN. That is the very clear intent of the Second Amendment to me; the Right not only to protect ourselves from our Government, but to Throw it Down if needed.

It’s not the days of the Blunderbuss and Black Powder any more though. The capabilities of Modern Weaponry far exceed that of the days of our Founding, and combined with loss of Firearm Education that was just a fact of life at one time in America Culture, it sets the stage for repeated tragedy and the resulting social manipulation.

Here’s the part where I piss off the Pro-Gun and Pro-Control people at the same time.

It’s completely reasonable for somebody to purchase any weapon they want, but also be required to demonstrate knowledge and proficiency with Firearms of a similar capability before they do so. So long as that ability is construed as an Unrestricted Right made available to every single U.S. Citizen, and not placed under burdensome Financial Regulation, then it is completely in keeping with the Wording and the Intent of the Second Amendment.

I could expand on this idea, defining certain classes of Firearms by Caliber, size, Rate of Fire and a dozen other criteria, and all of it would draw well deserved criticism from detractors on both sides. It’s a hard enough pill to swallow for many people that ANY action is necessary with Gun Regulation, and truthfully we should be able to rely on our Government to enact the Will of the People to resolve these issues.

That’s not the way things work these days though, and maybe never really have throughout history. It is the Will of the Government pressing down upon the people that is defining this issue, and as you read this people are making deals and passing money around behind closed doors to try and influence the outcome of Gun Regulation, and our opinion will have nothing to do with the resolution.

Make no mistake, my friends; so long as the Democratic-Republican Party has control of this issue, it will be exploited to manipulate, distract and impoverish us all, and you can call that the Gospel Truth!