Guns and Gays


By John Means

The ultimate failing of any political party or agenda is that it will inevitably encourage an individual to support an Ideal that they do not agree with at the least, and when taken to extremes will actually lie to and deceive its own proponents in order to realize its machinations. As the Gun Control Debate continues to escalate in America and the Political noise rises to a deafening volume, we should all look around and note who is being heard and who is not, who is speaking and who is remaining silent, who we are paying attention to and who is being ignored. The views, actions and reactions on the many social bodies in America are quite telling and show exactly how committed they are to the principles they espouse.

One excellent example is the almost complete disregard, on both sides of the debate, of the organization Jews for the Preservation of Firearms. Here is a group of people with something to say historically about firearms, yet for a multitude of segregationist views that I will not glorify with acknowledgment, JFP seems to be an almost non-entity in public opinion. Is it Anti-Semitic to take a Gun from a Jew? But I digress….

One culture I have yet to see put forth substantial organized activism for Gun Legislation is the Gay Community. In general, the gay people I know trend toward Liberalism, which is where they have found the most active support base, and indeed it seems most of the gays I know are inclined to follow such lead in the Gun Debate. There is some Grassroots Support for Gun Rights in the gay community by groups such as ‘Pink Pistols’; a North American Organization with the motto ‘Pick on someone you own Caliber’, yet how seriously will they be taken by Conservative Gun Lobbyists? In traditional fashion, Gay Activists, even for Gun Rights, seem to have a masochistic approach to Publicity, instantly making their Movement inaccessible to even many less-than-conservative Americans by naming their cause with a term that might be used to describe a penis. Good job guys!

Perhaps the Gay Community should really put this in perspective, and disregard the Left/Right Paradigm for a moment to assess it impact on their future. The clearest meme of Pro Gun propaganda is Self Defense, which it seems should strike a chord with Gay Rights advocates. After all, gays have been the target of many attacks over the past decades and during the 80’s and 90’s it seemed that the News was full of beatings and terrorism against homosexual men. Even today members of a vitriolic and hateful church, whose name I will not glorify in print, would gladly line up homosexuals and shoot them in the head in the name of God. Though some would use this fact to support Gun Control, it is worth viewing from a broader perspective.

The ultimate fear of so called ‘Right Wing’ groups is that our Government will become a Totalitarian State resulting in Oppression, Tyranny and Genocide/Democide. Indeed there is considerable historical basis for such belief, and while we all understand in a general manner the atrocities that have been committed on unarmed populations, it is all distant to a people who have known Freedom for their entire lives. We know people were burned alive in huge furnaces to save money on bullets in Germany. We know people in Cambodia were executed for having greater than a 7th Grade Education or even just wearing prescription glasses. In Russia, Africa, Turkey, China and elsewhere this type of ‘Cleansing’ has been inflicted on Hundreds of Millions of People just in the last Century.


Do you understand this gay people? Do you realize what you are supporting by buying in to an agenda before using common sense?

This fraudulent Two-Party System we live under has twisted and skewed our perceptions so badly that a whole culture in America would stand in support of a view that historically has represented its own extermination. The irony is appalling.

Please wake up my friends, gay and otherwise, and understand that we have much bigger fish to fry. Our Government and the Two Parties which have it in a stranglehold are at the core of every Social Crisis we face, and all we need to do is turn our back on their machinations for the madness to go away.

I hope that the Gay Community will take a very well considered look at the issue of Gun Rights in America, and reflect strongly on the American Governments track record on Gay Rights. Understand very clearly, my gay friends, just what the consequences of Gun Control could be for you.

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