Practical Immigration Reform


by John Means

Immigration Reform is one of the most pressing social issues of our time, and while highly publicized, no one seems to have any practical solutions out on the table. Sure, people shout about building walls, and others seem to want to hand full citizenship to anyone here. But, like so many other issues, a bit of common sense and reason can easily present a simple and moral solution.

First though, let me ask a question; do you plan to go pick produce in the fields, manicure people’s yards, clean up construction sites or work a Livestock Ranch?

Me neither! Or rather, not again, since I have worked some of those jobs at times. They are laborious and fast paced with long hours, low pay and no more benefits than a cooler of water to drink from. I would greatly encourage any skeptics to spend a single day at one of those tasks; then kindly ask you if someone has taken YOUR job. That being settled, let’s move along.

When it comes to Immigration only two issues are of true import. 1) National Security. 2) National Identity. Clearly we do not want criminals and other villains in our land, nor do we want to lose those traits and traditions that make us uniquely American. Indeed, the later threat is much the greater, but let’s address them in order.

How is our National Security threatened by Illegal Aliens? Duh! We don’t know who is here! Sure there are lots of good natured, hard working folks who are here to find a better life, but how many fugitives and miscreants are lurking about as well? And that is not to mention the real bad guys, like terrorists, who have nearly free access to our lands, which no amount of security can ever fully prevent. Since it is clearly impossible to track down each individual, the logical solution is to give them a reason to identify themselves, and then you will know the people who don’t do so are likely hiding something about themselves. Simple right!

The greater challenges are to encourage these undocumented individuals to value and respect our Nation is the same manner we do, and assimilating them to our social standards. A person whose very presence is a crime has no reason whatsoever to respect the land they are in, and they will surely pass this attitude along to their children, though they be documented citizens at birth. Will those children grow up to value the principles of liberty, morality, honesty and free enterprise? Surely not. The ultimate result is the degeneration of American Values, which threatens our National Sovereignty if left unchecked, paving the way for dubious legislation like the so called Security and Prosperity Act (North American Union).

For more than 200 years The United States of America has stood as a shining beacon of hope to the entire World, and though our light seems to have dimmed a bit of late, still multitudes of people look to us in the hopes of finding freedom, prosperity and a better future. We are a Nation of Immigrants, and those same words are still displayed at the feet of Lady Liberty; “Send us your weak, your poor, your huddled masses…”, a blessing to the people of Earth, telling all that here is a place of true opportunity, tolerance and security. Across this planet are those whose lives are warmed by our light, though they may never have the opportunity to come here, and for all their days they will take comfort in knowing that over the horizon a safe haven stands.

Would you want to come here if you lived in another Nation? I surely would, and so find it hard to deny that desire in others.

Regardless of our sympathies though, the fact is that there are people here we cannot identify, and that needs to be our first concern. A picture of each of them, a thumbprint, address, phone number, friends and family, as well as employment information would sure be helpful. Our Government surely has all that information about me, and I do not object as there are bad people in the world and I have nothing to hide.

So how do we get all that information on each Illegal Alien in America? Simple; we hand out unconditional Work Visa’s to anyone who provides that information, and make them renewable every Six Months. This offers the ability to keep track of them, and perform any security checks available on each, such as running them though Interpol and finding out if they are wanted anywhere. As more and more of them became documented the nefarious characters hiding in the woodworks would become easier to indentify, offering the best National Security Level that America has ever known. It would also allow these people to test for a temporary Drivers License, requiring them to be insured just like I am.

Yes, unconditional I say. Freely given to any individual who steps forward to apply, and provides the required verifiable information. Furthermore, if that individual spends 3-5 years as a productive member of our society they should be given a fast-track opportunity to citizenship, should they meet the criteria we promote in our Nation; A High School Equivalent Education, the ability to speak and read English, and an understanding of our Government Structure. Truly those standards alone would make them better citizens than many Naturalized Americans, but they are not unreasonable to expect and can only be to a person’s benefit.

We should ask ourselves what are the most important aspects of Immigration Reform. Are we trying to protect minimum wage jobs we don’t want to do anyways, or our Nation? Every day that this issue stands unresolved we are losing more than just security and culture; we are ignoring taxes, revenues, fees, crimes, rights, traditions, education, morality and the principles on which our Liberties have been built.

This should be a keystone issue for our Legislators, and that it is so widely ignored and diverted should be viewed with far greater scrutiny.

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