• NoPartySystem posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    I’d like to invite you to join a platform of small content creators, focused around topical discussion, to share our communities and stand as an example of open minded exchange and free thinking that our society so desperately needs right now.

    The purposes of this coalition are to secure our content and presence, network and expand our audiences, demonstrate cooperative disagreement, and effect stabilizing social reform.

    What’s in it for you;
    1. Featured Podcaster on NoPartySystem.Com
    2. Private Channels and Admin Access on the Community Discord Chat Server.
    3. Cross Promotion with other Creators and their Audience.
    4. Support setting up your Streaming and Network.
    5. Secure your Audience, Network, Content and Presence in the event of banning/censorship.
    6. A voice in how this Community is shaped and grows.

    What you can do to help;
    1. Keep doing exactly what you’re doing now. Don’t Stop Speaking Out!
    2. Maintain a Semi-Active or Scheduled presence on the Discord Server to chat with viewers (Even just once or twice a week should be plenty.)
    3. Collaborate with other Channels on the Discord Server to cross promote and share ideas.
    4. Be respectful and helpful to others within and outside our Community.
    5. Tag our website occasionally in your videos, include links when possible, and maybe even a logo one of these days if we get all fancy.
    6. Help define this network and guide this community into being a positive and respectful Free Speech Environment.

    This is truly the ground floor of this project and you would be among the first people to join and promote this community and Website. It is a blank slate for us to draw up a new model of Media and Activism, and once built, a platform to rise above the partisanship and ideology.

    Please, don’t wait to respond. It’s time for action, and we all know that means putting in extra effort, setting aside our differences, and seeking solidarity. Let it begin here.

    Hope to hear from you.

    John Means
    Twitter – @antipartisan247
    Discord –