James Marchetti

  • Everyone feel free to check out my time-line.

    • Cool, and feel free to give us feedback on this network. We have lots of great ideas and additions waiting in the wings, but we really want viewers to help us determine what this place grows into. Hopefully a place to talk about solutions, rather than just continue bitching about the problems.
      Care to join me via skype for a podcast discussion…[Read more]

  • I have 4,900+ Facebook Friends with points of view from all over the place. Great to be here!!!!

  • Don’t know how long you guys have been here or why it took so long to find you. I love the Anti-Partisan concept though. I plastered your sites and some of your posts so you should get a lot more interests.

    • Right on, thank you so much for the support! We have been around almost ten years, through a few format changes, and have been pushing the same agenda the whole time.
      Looking forward to learning more about your views. Peace, ~JM