• If there were good cops, they would be arresting the bad cops.

  • #RepealVotingRights

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    I have seen 5 different occasions this last week of people referring to Muslims as a ‘Race’. Soon it will join Black, White, Jew and Mexican in meaning whatever the fuck the person saying it THINKS it means.

  • Have you met the Gender Unicorn, boys and girls….?

  • Looks like Forrest Trump is all set to destroy the Separation of Church and State.

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    I love that the biggest jew haters are the ones that got Trump elected. Poor Fault Right……

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  • John_Means posted an update 1 year ago

  • @robbie-thornton , I\’m so glad to see you\’ve been logging on! Hope to see you around more!

    • Great comment!

    • You can still get a Free Education at any Local Library. They can even order in books on specific subjects. People already have ‘Free Education available; what they are really asking for in Convenience.
      I agree with a lot of what you say there, but I just don’t see how you think ‘ Slavery, and the takeover of america by Europeans is being written…[Read more]

  • The quickest way to shut up a Trumpsucker or a Bern-out is to ask them what they think their boy can actually accomplish if he is Elected….
    Fuckin\’ Crickets!

    • Sure, they have a ton of shit to say about their Candidates, but asking what they think can actually be accomplished is a different story.
      Everyone knows the truth deep down, they just don’t want to admit it. Our Government has been co-opted, and nobody can fix it but us, on the Local Level.

  • This is what I’m hearing! This is the only conclusion I can come to after years of discussion on the subject.

    • ‘But focusing on which color or what race only divides us further, which is what the powers that be want.’
      It’s not me marching around and marginalizing myself with signs and slogans that define me as different, separate and more important that others.

  • Altruism is the highest form of Masturbation.

    There are a lot of things I would like, that I know are never going to happen during my life time, but first on the list is World Peace. It would be great if we could all just tune in to 528hz, dispel our Cognitive Dissonance, and have a heaping helping of Namaste for breakfast every morning.

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  • I get fired up when all this racial bullshit starts getting thrown around. It’s all ludicrous, and entirely counter productive.
    To quantify the term ‘White Privilege’ differently than ‘Gypped’, ‘NIgger Rigged’, ‘Jewed’, or ‘Beaner’ is completely disingenuous.
    It’s Racial Slander, period.
    On a personal level these terms are not…[Read more]

  • Partisan Debate is sooooooo predictable; reference another topic to divert attention, then assault the character of your opponent.
    Getting pretty fuckin\’ old!

  • Hey @kalicathy , welcome to NPS!

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