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    One of the major problems we are experiencing is that the lunacy of the Left minimizes the absurdity of the Right, pretty much cementing the lesser evil paradigm.

  • I generally assume everyone to be white, unless their demeanor indicates otherwise, in which case I find profiling and stereotyping to be valuable social tools.

  • Hamburg has been a demonstration of disappointment for all of humanity, on all sides.

  • Most partisans view #RepealVotingRights as a threat to be exploited by other partisans; probably because it is a purely \’Centerist\’ concept, so will always lie directly in the path of it\’s polar opposite ideology.

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    Jeez, where are the parents?!

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  • People seem to think when I say #RepealVotingRights that it implies only the smartest people should decide on Social Issues.
    The Bell Curve is real, folks, and the \’smartest people\’ already run the world. Obviously, there must be more determining factors….