No Good Cops


By John Means

Spare me the outraged protests, I know the arguments and defenses, the justifications and complacency that are the common retort to a perceived slight about Law Enforcement; and while I understand and sympathize with the sentiment, the time has come that we must acknowledge the Epidemic of Authoritarian Abuse upon which Despotism finds footing in our Great Nation.

Time to put aside the Mainstream view of Patriotism and understand just what is at stake here; we are now living under a Government more Totalitarian than the one which we threw off to found this Republic. The culprits of our demise is a topic of great debate, ranging from Political Parties to Secret Societies and as far out as ‘Reptilians’, but were every one of those many fallacies completely true, still it would not change the manner in which we are being egregiously abused on every level by those who we trust, and pay, to regulate our society with morality and temperance.

Evil can only succeed where Good Men do nothing. This is a Core Principle on which this Nation was founded, and if you claim to oppose the encroachment of our freedoms then it is time to stop paying lip service to those ideals and start accepting responsibility for the trust placed in our hands as an American Birthright. The Law has become a Hammer in America, and if you can continue to turn your head to the draconian No-Knock Raids and Property Seizures, the Predatory Code Enforcement and Excessive Uses of Force; if you can justify the slaying of a child playing with a toy gun as they have done for 500 years in our societies, then you need to seriously reassess the qualification of a ‘Good Man’ and set the bar a little higher.

Don’t point to Toy Drives and Canned Food Collections as an indicator of grand morality; the Hells Angels hold such drives and Al Capone provided milk to all the children in his neighborhood. Don’t glorify the rescue of an animal as Heroic Service when any Eight Year Old Child with a respectable upbringing should be capable of such compassion. And don’t attribute a standard of excellence to a rank and file composed largely of overweight thugs and steroid raging Authoritarians. Anyone that can view today’s Law Enforcement as anything more than a study in Exceptional Mediocrity is surely not familiar with the Principles and Ideals exemplified by a Uniformed Code of Conduct.

And now Law Enforcement around the Nation will proudly declare its Constitutional Morality by supporting Second Amendment Rights? Really?!

Where were they when our First Amendment Rights to Redress of Grievances and Peaceful Assembly were taken from us? They were enforcing a Fifty-Two Block No Protest Radius and spraying our fellow citizens with tear gas while beating them with rubber clubs.

Where were they when our Fourth and Fifth Amendment Rights were stripped from us? Performing ‘Stop and Frisk’ checks on Citizens, generating massive Revenues to be squandered by Local Governments, and seizing personal property to supplement their own budgets.

What do their Fraternal Orders do as this Federal Government systematically eviscerates our remaining Rights, granted to us not by Government but as a Function of Nature? They make their resources available to Despots and enjoy rewards in the form of expanded immunities and War Machines to play with in our Communities (War Machines that will work for anyone who comes to use them later).

If you believe they will stand up for your Rights when the cards are laid on the table, you are not just delusional, blind, unaware, or a wishful thinker; you are the kind of ‘Sucker’ that P.T. Barnum was talking about.

If a Member of the Law Enforcement Community is not actively speaking out against the blatant corruption and abuse running rampant not only in our American Police Forces, but our Government in General, then they are not ‘Good’; and when they do speak up they are quickly drummed out of the Service and are no longer a ‘Cop’. There can be only one reasonable conclusion:

There are No Good Cops!

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