Please Stop Feeding The Cops


by James Boles

Blue lights are flashing in your rear view mirror. That not so common feeling of dread comes over you. You check your speed. Cellphone comfortably perched in its Bluetooth. You weren’t doing anything wrong.

You safely pull off to the side of the road, being sure to use a signal. Why were you pulled over? What’s going to happen?

Most of us have been pulled over for something, or nothing, in our past. We are predominantly licensed drivers that maintain proof of insurance in our cars. We drive safely day in and day out. Yet, we all sit in our vehicles moments away from the flashing lights and a very serious interaction with a law enforcement officer. How are we supposed to interact with these officers?

So many conflicting stories abound on our web browsers of how we should best interact with these LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officer’s). Let us follow some very simple possibilities to their conclusions and learn what our real options are.

The policeman’s attitude towards listening to you is….

  1. The LEO is not willing to listen to you. End of your options to beneficially change this altercation, period. How many LEO’s are willing to listen or consider your information?
  2. The LEO is open to your opinions on how he should do his job. Great! All the internet legalese you have watched on an internet video may work out for you here.

Do keep in mind the cop has been instructed he is to be in control of any situation he injects himself into, as well as an expected ‘Arrest’ record to maintain as a matter of employment. If we are on the safe side of things, we should probably assume the officer has a vested interest in his own opinions.

The response to your convincing position is…

  1. In the case of the LEO not willing to listen we may safely conclude the officer will not be swayed. And, very possibly be quite agitated.
  2. Our beloved cherished civil servant of a police officer on the other hand could be convinced that we are in fact worthy of his graces. What chances are there of convincing an officer you know best how to do his job? I think, to be on the safe side we can go ahead and assume the LEO knows how to do his job.

What does this mean?

There is no reason to discuss, much less argue, anything with a police officer. Any magic bullet topic or civil code you cite may very well fall on deaf ears. There is most certainly an opportunity for any cop to conflate charges and citations brought against you. Imagine the Judge’s delight in listening to the officer repeat your internet legal advice. You do not gain anything from interacting with law enforcement. Your mouth can and will get you in trouble. You only lose when interacting with law enforcement. The job of the police and their training direct them to operate with believed authority at all times.

The chances of arguing a reprieve from a cop on the side of the road make Vegas House Odds seem fair.

Please don’t agitate the police. Please do not pretend to think you can convince them of anything. They are not there to debate or compromise, only to Enforce.

Pick your battles, and Drive Safe!

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