The Bill of Privileges


by John Means

You’ve probably heard people say for years that the US Government is taking away our Rights. Well, don’t let that kind of talk trouble you any more, the point is moot now. Our Rights are gone, period.

Don’t let it worry you though, we may have lost those nifty Rights given to us by Natures God, but we now have the same privileges granted to us by our government. After all, what has Nature ever done for you to compare to the Government?

Think of all the benefits!

No longer do you have to waste your time defending yourself in Court. In fact charges never even have to be made against citizens to legally hold them indefinitely and in secret.

You need not be concerned for your privacy, because you have none. Every communication you make can be monitored and used against you without the need for pesky Warrants and legal procedure.

Don’t worry about your Human Rights or dignity. Just make things easy and disrobe for security personnel so they can feel your genitals and your children’s as well.

Don’t think about speaking out against injustice or corruption. No one is listening, and even if they do they will only send black clad storm troopers to shut you up with rubber clubs and tanks of tear gas.

Don’t even question your privileges, or they could be taken away.

If you think you still have your Rights you are mistaken, and likely have not read the Patriot Act or the NDAA. Don’t worry, I won’t waste your time quoting those pieces of Legislation, voted for and approved by Congress and our Presidents. If you don’t know that your Rights are gone at this point then nothing I say will convince you.

For those of us that are aware of the coming corporate takeover of America, we must face the truth though; The Bill of Rights is gone. It is not in danger, it is not being threatened, and it is not being ignored, forgotten, abused, gutted, violated, or twisted. The Bill of Rights has been defeated and no longer applies to our lives.

For a short time to come, the illusion of Human Rights will remain within our society. We will go about our lives believing that our Liberties are intact, and if we feel the burden of fines and taxes, devaluation of our money, government waste and the loss of a little dignity, then such must only be the cost of an orderly society.

As time goes by we will see society change in small ways; police with more military gear and armaments, regulations that are more invasive and burdening, policies that enforce procedures we don’t agree with, Laws that allow economics to define our lives, shortages that limit our transportation and consumption, locations that become off limits, and questions that have no answers.

We will assume that all these changes are the result of our government trying to protect us, and we will cope with the hardship and privation, assuming that all is as it should be. And then the day will come when we see a neighbor pulled from their house by armored men with guns whose faces are hidden by tactical helmets. Our neighbor will scream for help, pleading for anyone to listen and will be beaten into submission or tazed as a public example to others who would resist.

In the days that follow we will tell ourselves that they must have done something wrong to have their Privileges taken away, but we will never see a story in the news or hear of any crimes committed. We won’t even hear other people in our community talk of it for fear of being associated with the criminal, causing the loss of our own privileges.

By that point the only Right will be the opposite of Left, and no other definition will remain.

So say goodbye to the Bill of Rights, its time has passed and we can no longer count upon the protection and freedom it once provided. We must realistically recognize that the Great Documents in which our Liberties are defined; The Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights, have been displaced. The Government that was designed to protect our ‘God Given Rights’ has now stolen them and merely regulates the privileges it now dictates.

I could finish with some poignant and inspirational quotes from America’s Founders, but there is little point. They are long gone and the echo of their words has diminished through time, unheard now by a society that finds greater wisdom in slogans and catch phrases. They can help us no more. It is we the living who must take accountability for our lethargy, and we who must face the storm that is brewing. We have allowed this to happen and everyday it continues represents a larger bill from the piper. There will be no bargaining and no divine mercy for us in the days ahead, nor any pleading or compromises, and no going back.

Enjoy your Privileges while they last.