The Black Man’s Burden

by John Means

No, I’m not Black, and I really don’t care what you think about that fact. I’m not writing this for your approval, I’m writing because it’s time somebody pointed out the plain truth. Take it or leave it, but by the end of this you will have a new understanding of why Black People continue to get the short end of the stick around the globe. Spoiler Alert: It’s their own fault!

Real Simple math here. See, for the last 400+ years there has been this nifty Industrial Age and Globalization thing going on around the world; you know, Wars, Business, Holocausts, and all that kind of fun stuff. While most of the world was engaging in Trade, Militarizing, Signing Treaties, lying to citizens, committing Genocide, and otherwise consolidating Political Power, Africans have been busy killing each other in Tribal Wars and selling their Resources, and even their own people, to foreigners.

It doesn’t matter if you think that is wrong or unfair in some way, it is a world view that will not be overcome by people holding signs, signing petitions or voting. Nobody is going to come to the aid of Black People; oh, sure there are plenty of good folks of every color and creed who want to change things, but it’s just not going to happen.

Do you really believe you’re ever going to convince Billy Bob Redneck from Buttholeville, Arkansas that he needs to relinquish his White Privilege Super Powers so Blacks can have an equal footing. Get real! After a 30 minute tirade covering Affirmative Action, NAACP, Al Sharpton and his defiled sister, he’s gonna tell you to fuck off forever.

If you think it’s about White Privilege, think again. It could just as easily be Asian Privilege, Punjabi Privilege, Arab Privilege, or any other ethnic group. The point is that Black Privilege does not exist because Black People aren’t represented by a World Power. If you think the guys in Dashiki’s who show up at the U.N. (to kiss the ass of the International Banking Consortium who actually own their lands) represent a place in the Power Structure on the World, you are only fooling yourself. Other Nations are launching Spacecraft, manufacturing goods, producing agriculture, building infrastructure, and creating new, exciting ways to kill brown people. What the hell is Africa doing?

And that’s really the great and tragic irony here. If the African People could put aside their tribal feuding (we can’t tell you apart anyway!) and unite their continent under a single flag, they would be the largest, wealthiest Nation on this planet.

And that is precisely why Black People will continue to be oppressed. It’s not about Ethnicity in the long run; the ‘Powers That Be’ are not willing to let ANYONE else sit at the table with them, particularly anyone who could grow more powerful than they are.

Are you beginning to see the big picture yet? It’s not about race or white privilege or civil rights or slavery or any of the bullshit that racialists spew like a broken record; it’s about the single most valuable Real Estate on this planet, and who gets to profit off its Natural Resources.

Rest assured, no one is coming to help Black People rise to the station their Ancestral Lands should grant them. Yes, there will be a bunch of good folks from every ethnic group to cheer Black People on, offer moral support, and cast the right votes, but in the end Black People can only count on themselves to change their place in the world.

I mean, my freezer is already stuffed full of White Privilege Pops; why should I care?

I’ll tell you though, if I WAS a black person in America, or anywhere else in the world, I would be sick of holding out my hand to ‘Massa’ for my humanity at this point. I would realize that the Equal Rights Movement had worked exactly as intended, and now white people can be beat to death in the streets too (Dr. King would be so proud of us all!). I would want to get the hell out of this screwed up place. I would want to touch my heritage and know my Ancestral Lands. I would want to stop the forces raping those lands and my people. I would quit bitching and start doing something to change the status quo.

Imagine what Africa could be. Imagine Black People from all over the world returning to their Nubian Heritage. People who are not invested in the bad blood and tribal feuding, and have the skills and knowledge to build the needed infrastructure. Imagine Black Leaders in Business, Education, Medicine and Law flooding a land that is struggling to maintain a semblance of order. Imagine Black People taking control of the Precious Minerals that are being siphoned from lands that are theirs by Blood Right.

Imagine what a United Africa would mean for everyone of Nubian Heritage in the whole world.

But, as I say, I’m not black, so good luck with all that. Black People are going to have to pick themselves up, push through the adversity, and forge an Empire if they ever want a taste of ‘Privilege’. Nobody else can do it for them.

This is the Black Man’s Burden.

2 Replies to “The Black Man’s Burden”

  1. Sounds to me like you’re arguing for things to remain as they are as they pertain to the privileges you enjoy in your own personal life. I can buy that as a legitimate impulse, but if you’re so invested in keeping things as they are, it’s a little hard to take your call for radical action on the political level seriously.

    Just sayin’.

    1. Typical Liberal response; ignore the content of the writing and attack the character of a person with different views.
      I have no fucking idea what these mystical privileges you speak of are; please, explain what privilege I enjoy in my life.
      If you are not willing to honestly confront the World View that Hundreds of Millions of people hold in regard to the history of African Slave Trading as well as current views of Urban Black Culture, then YOU are the one arguing for things to stay the same.

      Just sayin’……

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