The Broken Trust Initiative

The Broken Trust Initiative
Elected Officials, Public Servants, Government Employees, Judicial Seats and Legal Advocacies, being entrusted to uphold the duties of their positions with morality and temperance, shall receive Three Times the Lawful Penalty for ANY Crime or Infraction that they commit.

It should be clear to all that the American Government has betrayed our confidence, and broken the trust of the American People. Some may challenge this, saying that is it only a few greedy and corrupt individuals that have soiled the political landscape in America, but given the state of our economy, foreign relations, unemployment, housing market, trade agreements, education and a host of other problems, even those few honest and uncorrupt are guilty of complacency at this point.

After all, the only way evil can succeed is if good men do nothing. This is a core principal on which our Nation was founded.

You can say I am over dramatic and blowing things out of proportion, but at this point we all need to wake up and smell the tyranny. Just ask the people you know and meet. I challenge you to find one single person that doesn’t believe corruption is running rampant in our Government. Please, find me just one soul that believes our Government is good, fair and just. Only one!

We all know! We all know that corporations have bought our government. We all know that money buys justice in America. We all know that government officials have reaped huge profits from the wars they have started. We all know that voting fraud is taking place. We all know that our mainstream media is a joke.

We all know the system is broken, and with it our trust.

We need not even approach conspiracies and speculation. Before our eyes the very people who created the financial wreck in America have been appointed to Cabinet Positions. In the plain light of day our government has voted to repeal our Rights to privacy, legal counsel and fair trial in a court of law.

My fellow Americans, we are in trouble! If we do not impose restrictions on our government, and define a very clear separation between business and politics, we will find ourselves as serfs to a new government of Corporate Barons.

Do you think I am being dramatic? Do you feel like there are worse fates than being ruled by Bankers? Do you think this is all just a passing phase in our Society?

Will you bet your children’s future on that?

The time to act is now, quite literally before it is too late. Soon any chance of resistance will be past, and even the pretense of democratic rule in our Republic will be swept away. The Offices of State, once held by heroes, visionaries and figures of respect, will come to be filled by appointed cronies and sycophants. The Rule of Law in this land will be sold to the highest bidder, and taxes will be imposed on every aspect of our lives from children and food, to the very air we breathe. Schools will give medications and vaccines to our children by Government Mandate, and hospitals will turn away people with poor credit scores. Our friends and families will be locked up and financially ruined over regulatory infractions, and people will turn their heads in fear as their neighbors are hauled away for ‘questioning’.

How many of those horrors sound startlingly close to the way things stand already? How much longer to close the gap?

We must open our eyes to the truth now, no matter how inconvenient or frightening it might be. We must actively seek to inform and mobilize the people around us to stand up for what is right. We must put aside those varied and involved causes we support for a time and pursue the greater good. We must stop accepting the lesser evil as our only option. We must install safeguards to halt this madness and protect the generations to come. We must unite!

We must maintain the trust passed down to us by the ageless voices of the Patriots and Statesmen, from the raging battlefields to the floors of Congress, who bade us to guard our freedom jealously and question those who would limit it. Those brave souls who swore their fortunes, their lives and their sacred honor to the cause of Liberty, and gladly paid in full so that future generations may know the value of freedom.

Can we be expected to dedicate any less to our hopes of a greater future for our family, our community, our Nation, our World?

Let us join together now in an act of peaceful rebellion. Let us impose restraints upon those we trust to govern our society with morality and temperance, that we know we may trust them once more.

I call on all Americans to support The Broken Trust Initiative; new legislation in the form of a Constitutional Amendment demanding Three Times the Lawful Penalty for any crime committed by those who govern and regulate our society.

This type of Governmental Limitation is reasonable, moderate and sound in the face of our current state of affairs. Any politician or law maker that stands against such a measure is clearly motivated by more than our best interest, and should have their intentions called to question.

Help to make this a National Movement, and protect our liberty before it is too late. This truly could be our last and only chance to hold our Government accountable for its actions.

Please pass this on to everyone you know.