The Positive Feedback Loop


By John Means

Conservatives and Liberals are being played like Kazoos.

It’s easy to assume a statement like that is just more of the same partisan rhetoric and baseless slander that pollutes the political environment in America, but one of the major principles used to control our populous can be described in detail. The division of Public Opinion created by Partisan Politics has caused a dichotomy so intense that certain Core Values create a chasm of belief too wide and deep to be crossed by any means. The edges of these chasms also act as a barriers that channels opinion in one direction.

The Core Values of Racism for Liberals, and Religion for Conservatives, have become so integrated into these ideologies that they are a factor in most peripheral issues as well. This result is that these Values can be easily exploited to drive partisan support on a particular issue to predictable outcomes by enacting a Positive Feedback Loop.

First, let me offer Two Examples of a Positive Feedback Loop, one naturally occurring and one Man Made, and then I will explain its obvious application in partisan politics. It is important to understand that Positive Feedback is not a Theory, but a Law of Nature that can be defined by a Mathematical Equation in many circumstances.

The first example is a stampede of cattle. As a group of cattle is at pasture some minor event causes one of the beasts to become startled> it squeals in surprise and bolts running into other cattle> these cows in turn pick up on the fright bolting into other> a cascade effect moves through the herd, panic spreading outward from it’s source> soon the entire herd is frightened and panicked, running as a mass for the horizon. Real simple, right? In this example the loop is not sustained, so eventually the cattle calm down and stop.

The next example is one that just about anyone is familiar with; the Feedback from a Microphone over a P.A. System. We’ve all heard the high pitch squeal of a Microphone that was too loud, and the cause of that sound is very easy to explain. When a Mic picks up the sound coming out of the speakers> the sound is pushed back into the speakers> the mic picks up the increased sound coming out of the speakers> pushes the sound back>the mic picks it up>pushes the sound back> and so on….. The result is a piercing shriek that is quite painful to hear. This is where the ‘Loop’ comes in, and the Feedback will continue until something is done to interrupt it.

Now let’s look at this principle as applied to partisan politics.

For Conservatives, Positive Feedback is most obviously demonstrated with their hypocritical and disproportionate response to Islamic Extremism. The overwhelming tendency of Conservative Christians to respond to Islamic Militancy with Secular Nationalism is not only extremely Un-American, but also in direct contradiction to their own proclaimed religious values. Christianity is supposed to be a Doctrine dedicated to Love, Tolerance and Peace; do they really think Jesus wants them to take a video shitting on a Qur’an or make a Meme of a bacon wrapped bullet for killing Muslims? Are you kidding me?! When such uncivilized behavior is presented to the Muslims it is specifically designed to offend, the result is increased hostility towards Americans, as well as Christians in general. This Feedback Loop has been going for Centuries, and is reaching a fevered pitch that can only result in blood, fire and misery… once again… as usual.

For Liberals, the issue of Racism is no less mired in hypocrisy and extremism. In their effort to combat Racism, Liberals have concluded that the best way to insure Civil Liberties for Minority Ethnic Groups in America is to insult and degrade White People, accusing them of discriminatory behavior as a function of Genetics. How this is not viewed as ‘Racism’ is beyond me, but the inevitable result is to offend tolerant White Folks who have never experienced this privilege in any way, and actually increase racial tensions rather than ease them. As a result this Feedback Loop has grown to such a scale that now members of the Black Community regularly advocate the arbitrary extermination of White People, a view more drastic and oppressive than any previously experienced in America.

The great and tragic irony is that if members of the opposing political alignment read the above descriptions, the vast majority will immediately identify it as a major fault in one political agenda, while simultaneously justifying their own participation in the other. This is enabled by a psychological condition called Cognitive Dissonance; mental stress caused by confronting ideas that are contradictory to a persons own beliefs. In fact, knowing how these partisans react to each others simultaneous delusions of superiority, I will likely post teasers of the above descriptions and enjoy a huge response as most will assume this article supports their own view. If you are one such who has made it to this point believing I wrote this in support of your righteous political views, please allow me take make my position clear; you’re all assholes, stop fucking up my planet! Please.

Natural occurrences of Positive Feedback, as in the stampede example, will usually play out quickly and resume a normal state. In the Man Made example of the Audio Feedback, a Loop has been created that demands the Feedback continues until something is done to interrupt the loop, and the rising shrill of sound will pierce every eardrum that hears it, until the equipment eventually fries and is destroyed. This annoying and destructive Feedback can be stopped simply by shutting off the microphone. That’s it! Just shut off the sound input and the Feedback stops immediately. Truly a sublime metaphor to the simple solution that will make so much of our political and social unrest in America disappear virtually overnight… SHUT THE FUCK UP!

We’re sick of your Racial and Religious values being used as bludgeons to achieve your political ends. Any Conservative or Liberal can read that statement and agree with exactly half of it.

Shut off the Mic already, we’re sick of your Feedback.

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