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NoPartySystem.Com is dedicated to the principles of The Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution, recognizing these as History’s Defining Documents of Human Liberty and Social Justice.

NoPartySystem.Com recognizes that the Democratic and Republican Parties have conspired to manipulate and exploit economic and political policy with the intent of deceiving, controlling and terrifying U.S. Citizens.

NoPartySystem.Com recognizes the Corporate Subversion of the Legislative and Executive Branches of the U.S. Government and that new Safeguards must be installed to define a separation of Government and Industry, and to bring accountability to abuse of authority.

NoPartySystem.Com recognizes a deepening Global Crisis encompassing Economics, Politics, Ecology and Human Rights, and that the stabilization of U.S. Domestic and Foreign Policies offers the greatest opportunity of preventing Global Infrastructure Collapse and World War.

NoPartySystem.Com recognizes intense economic and political bias in the mainstream media, resulting in corruption, misinformation and violation of the American People’s trust, and seeks to provide true and unbiased information to our viewers.

NoPartySystem.Com recognizes the power of Non-Violent Protest and Peaceful Rebellion, as championed by great Civil Rights Leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi among others, and seeks to organize and promote such activity as a means to achieve Moderate Political Reform in The United States of America.

NoPartySystem.Com does not promote aggression, violence or militancy as feasible solutions to our current social crisis, and is not affiliated in any way with Political Parties, Militant Organizations, Religious Sects, Terrorist Groups, Government Agencies, Industrial Corporations or Special Interest Agendas.

NoPartySystem.Com does not condone bigotry, chauvinism, segregation, intolerance or hatred in any form, and recognizes the individual Freedom of Will, Personal Identity and Natural Rights of every human being, as well as the great worth and unlimited potential of the human spirit.

NoPartySystem.Com’s Mission is to inform and engage people in political discourse and activism, and provide a Free Speech environment that has no political bias or agenda.

‘Before we can accept the ‘Truth’, we must be able to accept Honesty.’
John Means
Founder, NoPartySystem.Com