Salvaging the American Government: Step One

By John Means

If you ask people what the biggest problem in America is you will likely receive a slew of varied answers, all of which will relate to some very serious issues. Inflation, education, welfare, immigration, foreign policies, and on and on; we could list them all day.

Indeed, these are keystone issues in the shaping of a society and massively important to our overall quality of life. And while you could pick each one of these issues apart to sort through them, and many people do daily, there seems to be a crucial point that is not acknowledged by anyone; the problems are systemic.

Every aspect of our lives is now affected by the short comings of our Elected Government, and one need not even speak of tyranny while we are buried under mountains of bureaucracy, waste, corruption and apathy.

It is time we came to the fundamental realization that these are not separate issues and cannot be addressed individually. Only by identifying the underlying cause can we begin to correct the resulting problems; we are treating the symptoms, not the disease.

Who has caused these ‘symptoms’ in our society, and how do we make them stop?

Sure, you can point a bunch of fingers; liberals, conservatives, bankers, corporations even us as irresponsible citizens. And then there are even more exotic enemies to call out as well; the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-Lateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Freemasons, Illuminati, and of course the Homosexual Jewish Alien Reptile Clones.

So I guess we have our answer: It’s EVERYONE’S fault!

Truer words have never been spoken.

And how do we deal with such a slew of villains, all chomping at the bit to control the emerging world government? Let’s look at some of the more ludicrous options first.

Could we assassinate any number of these villains in order to halt the machinations? No, the amorphous nature of this Military Industrial Theology would just ooze in to fill the gaps and the same people with a different faces would take their places.

Could we organize some sort of armed rebellion and throw down this Government by force? Negative, this Government has spent several decades preparing for just such ‘Domestic Terrorism’ and the response would be swift and punitive.

Could we all walk out on our jobs or stop pumping gas? Please, people have to survive in this world.

How about we make signs with catchy slogans and march around with them 52 blocks from the event we are protesting? Yeah, I’ll meet you there as soon as I’m done explaining to granddad how babies are made.

Even entertaining any of these notions is a monumental waste of time and energy. All of these bases are covered by the powers that be, and there will be no easy fix at this point.

Our society has become fat and lethargic, both actually and metaphorically, and we no longer realize that our government is that bowflex collecting dust in the corner; it would work great if we would just use it.

There are so many of us now calling out for change, but unwilling to make the change in themselves that will cumulatively begin to make a difference. Repeating the same actions and expecting different results is indeed insanity, yet we never seem to learn that choosing a lesser evil is still choosing evil.

It’s time to salvage our Government before it’s too late. We must wrest it from the clutches of the Party of Two which have a stranglehold on freedom and justice, and rule our land like petulant, spoiled children with delusions of grandeur.

Spoken plainly, we must remove the Democrats and Republicans from political power in America to begin to turn things around. They have abused the trust of the American people for too long, and have nearly mismanaged our Nation to the verge of collapse.

They can be trusted no more.

If we are to begin bringing positive political reform to our nation it will only happen when enough people call out in a single voice, united behind a single principle, and pursuant of a single goal.

It’s time to focus our energy where it can actually have an effect, remove these corrupt Parties from power, and reclaim our birthright of freedom and social justice. We only need to stay focused, stay calm and spread the word far and wide.

If you’re septic backs up and floods your house with sewage you have only three options; live covered in shit, call it a total loss or clean it up.

Grab your shovel folks, I can’t do this alone!

Author: The_Anti-Partisan

2 thoughts on “Salvaging the American Government: Step One

  1. I agree completely with all of the points made here.

    Yep for decades I have been doing the same thing (Voting) and hoping for a change. Life has gotten in the way!

    A reasonable discussion around many tables, the way this Country started needs to start every where in Our Country.

    I would enjoy being involved.

    No, I would not Chair the discussion as I am a Leftest, that is I am just Left of Atilla the Hun.

    I would be interested in input.

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